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Where serenity meets comfort and pleasures of a gentle Italian neighborhood are echoed in the glow of street lamps,terra cotta hues and warmth of a nurturing sun.

This gorgeous Italian themed,new haven,ideal for urban singles and families alike,takes you to a world of blissful luxury.

These elegant homes assure you of needed conveniences and a lifetime of security.

Each residential home has a blend of pleasing design and contemporary amenities.

A splendid community,with the joys of city living and the blessings of a charmed life.

Elegance and Quality

Elegant and luxurious homes,from single detached,row houses,bungalows or duplexes

Amenities and Facilities

Entrance Gate


Euro Lamps



* Entrance Gate * Guard House * 24 / 7 Security * Clubhouse * European Street Lamps * Concrete Roads * Telephone and Cable TV * Swimming Pool * Badminton Court            * Landscaped Gardens

Typical "Tuscania" Model Houses

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Choose a Residential Home from a single detached,row house,bungalow or duplex.

You can have your own design provided that the detailed blueprint and architecture is approved by Tuscania Cagayan. ~ Click here to View > Subdivision Layout Plan

Some Internal Photographs

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The prices vary and are relative to the lot area you purchase,the lot size and of what particular house model is assigned to that specific location. "Contact Us"

The lot sizes range from 50 sq.m to 288 sq.m.

However you can purchase multiple lots should larger areas be required.  "Contact Us"

The house floor area ranges from 48 sq.m. to 102 sq.m. depending on what house model you choose .  "Contact Us"

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Amalfi Model - 1 and 2

For those at the start of a new life, for building professional on the journey,for those who desire privacy and comfort,for young families embarking on an exciting future.

Amalfi offers a charming and convenient lifestyle with 59 to 66 sq.m. of floor space and a lot area of 50 to 79 sq.m.This 3-bedroom home has a roomy master's suite and two (2) bathrooms,quality fixtures and a wonderful ambience capturing the heart.

Lot Size : 50 to 79 sq.m. ~ Floor Area : 59 to 66 sq.m.

Price Range : Ph 2,334,828 (Amalfi 1)   "Contact Us"

Price Range : Ph 2,627,900 (Amalfi 2)  "Contact Us"

Capri Model

The charm of this 2-bedroom home is ideal for those enjoying the gifts of a quiet life,for couples desiring a cozy retreat from the bustle of city,for the retirees who have enjoyed the fruits of their endeavors.Capri is a pleasant bungalow.Amenities to give you a life of ease.Delightful master's bedroom designed to be a calm retreat.

An efficient kitchen.An elegant bathroom.Touches of European elegance in its design.

Lot Size : 120 to 130 sq.m. ~ Floor Area : 56.0 sq.m.

Price Range : Ph 2,790,020 to Ph 2,861,770  "Contact Us"

Special Capri Model

The charm of this specially modified 3-bedroom home is ideal for those enjoying the gifts of a quiet life,for couples desiring a cozy retreat from the bustle of city,for the retirees who have enjoyed the fruits of their endeavors.Capri,a pleasant bungalow, with amenities to give you a life of ease.Delightful master's bedroom,with own bathroom,2 further bedrooms,2 toilets,living room,kitchen,utility room,porch,garage.

A calm retreat with touches of European elegance in its design.

Lot Size : 116 sq.m. ~ Floor Area : 70 sq.m.

Price : Ph 3,394,593  "Contact Us"

Genova Model

Genova is an elegant 3-bedroom home for those with expanding needs and growing lifestyles.Convenient dining and living spaces,ground floor guest room,lovely master's suite and bathrooms provide an ideal place for family to fulfill their dreams.

Lot Size :  98 to 131 sq.m. ~ Floor Area 80 sq.m.

Price Range : Ph 3,629,464 to Ph 3,894,652. "Contact Us"

Treviso Model

For those at the peak of their lives,for those who have achieved their dreams and long to live in exquisite style,for those who desire the perks of the good life.Treviso is the perfect home.With a 144 sq.m.lot and 98 sq.m.of floor space.This superb residence is a luxurious 4-bedroom dwelling, with a lovely master's suite,elegant living and dining spaces,3 bathrooms,Quality fixtures,a charming entrance with a touch of landscaping. The facade is reminiscent of old Italy,with its warm bricks,wooden accents,arched hallways and earthen hues.Treviso captures the grace of plush living.

Average Lot Size : 144 to 156 sq.m. ~ Average Floor Area : 98.34sq.m.

Average Price Range : Ph 4,639,171 to Ph 4,735,603"Contact Us"

Verona 1 Model

Experience Italian warmth and luxury with Verona,a stylish 4-bedroom home with spacious living and dining areas,3 bathrooms,elegant master's suite with its very own toilet and bath,102 sq.m.of floor space and graceful Mediterranean accents that add that extra touch to living. The beautiful tiled entrance and large windows give this home a welcoming air,a picturesque view of a home built with European finesse.

Average Lot Size : 137 to 156 sq.m. Average Floor Area : 102 sq.m.

Average Price Range : Ph 4,849,804 to Ph 4,923,850 "Contact Us"

Verona 2 Model

Exuding the warm luxury of Verona,with a flowing living and dining area arrangement, ample bathrooms,4-bedrooms,setup with an elegant master's suite,and a facade that recalls the scenic curves and stylish wooden trellises of Italy,Verona 11 has 89 sq.m. of floor space,with all the conveniences of a modern home.

Average Lot Size : 120 to 150 sq.m. ~ Average Floor Area : 91 sq.m.

Average Price Range : Ph 4,344,136 to Ph 4,485,216 "Contact Us"

New Design Model

A New Design is an elegant 4 bedroom dwelling,with a pleasant masters suite,lovely living and dining spaces and 3 well appointed bathrooms.

With 92.50 sq.m. of floor space and sitting on a Lot area of 97 sq.m.

Price : Ph 3,920,252 "Contact Us"

Lots Only

Lots Only : Area sizes range from 100 sq.m  upwards

Price of Lots : Ph 10,000 per sq.m. (inner lot) and Ph 12.000 per sq.m. (corner lot)


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Reservation Fee

Ph 25,000 Pesos

Payment Schemes


Spot Cash Payment,with 8% discount,less reservation deposit


20% down payment less reservation fee,over 12 months (NO INTEREST)

80% Balance,payable through BPI,BDO,China Bank,RCBC,PS Bank,Union Bank or Pag-Ipig Financing.


Deferred Payment,over 24 months,of the total contract price. (NO INTEREST)


20% Down Payment over 24 months with NO INTEREST,less reservation fee

80% Balance,payable through In-house,BPI,BDO,China Bank,RCBC,PS Bank,Union Bank or Pag-Ibig Financing.


30% Down Payment over 36 months with NO INTEREST, less reservation fee

70% Balance,payable through In-house,BPI, BDO,China Bank,RCBC,PS Bank,Union Bank or Pag-Ibig Financing.


To View "Detailed Payment Scheme Schedule"Click Here"

NOTE : Prices and payment terms are subject to change without prior notice.

For further information please  "Contact Us"


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